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Dec 15th
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Categories Pulau Seribu Pulau Putri

Pulau Putri  
Hits: 20225
Town:   Pulau Seribu
County:   Indonesia
Region:  Pulau Seribu
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Home pulau seribu Daftar Hotel pulau seribu Pulau Seribu pulau seribu Pulau Putri

Pulau Putri or Princess Island located at Pulau Seribu around 90 minutes by speed boat from the Marina Ancol North Jakarta,  transportation to pulau Putri island able to get from pier No. 09 Marina Ancol Jakarta. the Departure time only one schedule on 08.00 am.

Pulau Putri Pulau Seribu Resort


Pulau Putri Location

Boat transportation Pulau Putri using speed boat four engines, a cross the Java sea north Jakarta. the Pulau seribu islets the scatered small island able you see during sailing. Some Pulau Seribu island occupied by resident, some is empty island no resident, private island and only six resort  operated for tourism. in island for tourism is provide hotel in island completed and well-equiped with holiday facilities, hotels, pool and watersport.

The Putri island located near pulau sepa,

Pulau Putri facilities

the Pulau Putri island is surrouding with the lush tropical plantation and completed by bungalow 67 units with the same type, each of cottages in Pulau Putri island is equiped with 1 bedroom (double/ twin bed), sofa, television, minibar, air-conditioning, water-heater shower and bathroom amenities.

The location of the cottage in Pulau Putri surrounding the beach and mostly facing the beach. the Putri island only around 8 hectares and the surrounding beach in Pulau Putri Island is blocked by stones for reduce sea abration. 

Near the boat pier you can found the underwater tunnel aquarium, the sea surrounding the underwater tunel set by net and plant the many fish. the underwater tunel is only 15 meters lenght and around 5 meters depth. and coverd by glass.

Pulau Putri also provides the glass bottom boat and operate in the morning until 12.00, the glass bottom boat  will sail slow the island to see the corral reef. one round it takes around 15 minutes.

On the island, Pulau Putri provide some sport and leisure facilities such as Swimming pool, Tennis court. 

For sealover Pulau Putri also provide seasport facilities with extra charge, the facilities water sport such as snorkeling, diving, cannoe and banana boat.

Pulau Putri is your holiday island the right place of vacation 

Dermaga Marina Ancol Jakarta

View Pulau Seribu in a larger map

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Bungalow: 68
 Animals: Legend:       
Web site:


Home pulau seribu Daftar Hotel pulau seribu Pulau Seribu pulau seribu Pulau Putri

Transportation to Pulau Putri Pulau Seribu Transportation to Pulau Putri

For transportation Pulau Putri provides some speed boat with the all boat able to accommodate for  total for 300 person, every boat using 4 engines with 200 HP. it takes around 1 hour and half from Marina Ancol Jakarta to Pulau Putri, the passanggers boat with the enginge on aft and glass window on side of the boat, the capacity per boat around 40 - 80 passanggers.

All bungalows at Pulau Putri equipped by

Bungalow in pulau Putri is the same size and categories, the different only base on old and refurbish building. Each of the bungalow is near with the beach and mostly facing the beach.  Each of bungalow in pulau Putri is facilitated and well-equiped with air - conditioning, double / twin bed, television, bathroom with shower (hot and fresh) equiped with bathroom amenities and minibar

Cottage Pulau Putri Pulau Seribu

Underwater Tunnel Pulau Putri Pulau Seribu

Pulau Putri facilities for guest:

Underwater tunnel aquarium
  • Glass bottom boat
  • Sunset cruise every saturday night sailing with leisure boat surrounding the island
  • Meeting room complete with standard meeting equipments
  • Restourant provide buffet Indonesian cuisine
  • Seasport activities and equipment; dive shop, snorkelling
Every Saturday night or the holiday seasson the pulau putri provide the Sunset Cruise, the boat with capacity 150 passangger sail around the island, it takes around 30 minutes.


Price list diving & Snorkeling pulau putri
 Equipments  Price
 Mask  Rp. 16.500 / day
 Snorkel  Rp. 16.500 / day
 Full fin
 Rp. 16.500 / day
 Open fin
 Rp. 25.300 / day
 Boots  Rp. 38.500 / day
 Tank & air fill
 Rp. 66.000 / day
 Air fill
 Rp. 44.000 / day
 B.C.D  Rp. 77.000 / day
 Regulator  Rp. 88.000 / day
 Weight & Belt  Rp. 16.500 / day
 Life Jacket  Rp. 16.500 / day
 Wet suite
 Rp. 77.000 / day


  • Diving complete Rp. 420.000 (without dive guide and boat)
  • Snorkeling complete Rp. 66.000 / day
  • Dive guide Rp. 66.000 / dive / person

Boat & Watersport rental pulau Putri
 Small boat
 Max 4 person
 Rp. 286.000 / hour
 Loudy Boat
 Max 5 person  Rp. 357.500 / hour
 Anemone boat
 Max 12 person
 Rp. 715.000 / hour
 Glass bottom boat
 Max 8 person
 Rp. 55.000 / hour
 Banana boat
 Max 5 person
 Rp. 330.000 per 15 minutes
 Canoe  Max 1 person
 Rp. 33.000 / hour
 Small water bee
 Max 2 person
 Rp. 77.000 / hour
 Big water bee
 Max 4 person
 Rp. 154.000 / hour
 Canoe  Max 2 person
 Rp. 49.500 / hour







Home pulau seribu Daftar Hotel pulau seribu Pulau Seribu pulau seribu Pulau Putri



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Photo pulau Putri
written by , December 18, 2010
Thanks infonya,
Masih perlu bantuan mas Lambang, kalau bisa tolong dikirim foto/ gambar terakhir pulau Putri.
Terima Kasih
Pulau Putri Reservasi
written by , December 18, 2010
Sya ingin menanyakan apkh masih tersedia trip utk ke pulau putri tgl 24 atau tgl 25 , 4 pax
Terima kasih info nya
Price is Valid
written by , March 06, 2009
Harga yang tercantum adalah valid, mohon via email atau hubungi di travellers online Support **webmaster**
Konfirmas Harga ?
written by , March 05, 2009
Mohon tanya apakah harga di tabel benar? karena ketika saya tanya di marketing pulau Putri dan sy check di beberapa website yang melayani pulau putri. harga nya jauh lebih mahal dan tidak boleh di harga segitu mohon konfirmasi

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