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Nov 19th
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Categories Pulau Seribu Pulau Pantara Island Resort

Pulau Pantara Island Resort  
Hits: 13119
Town:   Pulau Seribu
County:   Indonesia
Region:  Pulau Seribu
Phone:  021-6262629 -
Online Booking How to reach us


Home pulau seribu Daftar Hotel pulau seribu Pulau Seribu pulau seribu Pulau Pantara Island Resort

Pulau Pantara the farest island resort in Pulau seribu is the great location for leisure and vacation, with the crystal sea water has three lines of color separate the shallow water to deep make the pulau Pantara the ideal place and the eye not bore to enjoy
Boat Pulau Pantara Pulau Seribu
the nature.

Location & Transportation to Pulau Pantara

To Reach pulau Pantara Island Resort  by speed boat with capacity around 50 passanggers from Marina Ancol, takes around 1.5 - 2 hours sail. boat depart from pier no 22-23 at 09.00am only one schedule.
Boarding time half hour before. please note that any departure have the minimum passanggers, kindly check to 021-7668477 for boat schedule.
Only 40 nautical miles from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia and can be reach about 1 hour and 45 minutes by speedboat cruiser , boat will sail to Pulau Pantara pass the pulau Ayer resort and Bidadari to north of Java sea after around 1.5 hour you will find the islet of Pulau Seribu, many empty islands, residential island and the sea water is clear.
Some the corral area shallow water with with color blend light blue and dark blue color. its very beautiful panoramic. in the Pulau Seribu Map, the pulau Pantara Resort call Pulau Antuk, they have two island Pulau Antuk Barat (West) and Pulau Antuk Timur (east). Before both of pulau Pantara barat in timur owned and operated by Japan Airlines. and today these island managed by PT. Pulau Pantara Resort  (Artha Graha Group) and today only Pulau Pantara Barat is still being operated.

Pulau Pantara Facilities

The wooden large pier equiped with canopy will welcome you to enter to Pulau Pantara Resort, the panoramic on pier is nice, the far away you still able to see the other islands blend with the three color of seawater. the wave here is not big, the  island is surrounded by corral reef like rings, many the color fish around the pier. fishing not allowed around pier. 
Many seasport facilities able to rent here from snorkeling, diving, banana boat and many more. on the island, pulau Pantara Island Resort provides cottages, pool, bar, meeting room, discotheque and many leisure facilities able to enjoy here.
The cottage and other building facilities mostly made by wooden without painting, the cozy cottage blend with nature make these island is the right choice for you to hanging out from busiest of Capital Jakarta.
The cottages is well-equiped and facilitated with comfortable amenities, air-condintioning, fresh and hot water shower, bedroom, sofa and Pulau Pantara not provide television for to guest more able to enjoy the nature.

Welcome to PANTARA ISLAND RESORT the beauty of unspoiled Island and feel the touch of nature to a "the Luxury hotel in islands"

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Dapatkan informasi penginapan resort di Pulau Seribu Harga Paket Murah!!

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18 Jan 2011 ... No exception in the Pulau Seribu Jakarta District Administration. At least 20 thousand people visited the three islands in the Pulau Seribu ...
Daftar Harga Voucher Paket Murah di Pulau Seribu Jakarta, Indonesia ... Pulau Seribu Settlement Visited By 20 Thousand Visitor, 732. Pulau Sepa almost fully ...


Web site:


Home pulau seribu Daftar Hotel pulau seribu Pulau Seribu pulau seribu Pulau Pantara Island Resort

Pulau Pantara The Hotel Island Facilities

Pulau Pantara Pulau Seribu Island resort

The Pantara Island Resort :

The beauty of Pulau Seribu Marine Resort is the beauty of nature- unspoiled, preserved especially for you. The facilities on Pulau Pulau Antuk Barat have been carefully planned to compliment and enhance the lush tropical surroundings. The charm of the huge Java Sea. forget the constraints of time

The facilities on the island: cottages, front office, bars, Restourant, Dive Shop, Meeting room, Pools, Tennis Court, Discotheque.

AParadise of Divers : Pulau seribu means a "THOUSAND ISLAND" consisting of almost 128 small islands. The surrounding reefs are home to wide variety of fishes, making Pulau Seribu Marine Resort and ideal spot for dive lovers.

Enjoy a Vacation in Nature
: The Marine Resort was designed to let you enjoy nature, both physically and mentally, Tasty cuisine, wide variety of sport facilities, Spacious cottage, emerald green water with natural white sand beaches and lush foliage of tropical vegetation, provide you
with the opportunity to touch the tropical perfection.


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6-7 September 2010 Belum ada jadwal keberangkatan ke Pulau Pantara
written by , August 22, 2010
6-7 September 2010 Belum ada jadwal keberangkatan kapal ke Pulau Pantara, setiap keberangkatan mempunyai minimum peserta
Mana yang lebih bagus Pantara atau Pulau Sepa?
written by , August 22, 2010
Kedua pulau Sepa dan pulau Pantara mempunyai kondisi air laut yang bagus dan jernih, lokasi pulau Pantara lebih jauh dari Pulau Sepa, sekitar 2 jam dari Marina ancol Jakarta, harga paket per orang lebih tinggi dibandingkan pulau Sepa
Mana yang lebih bagus Pantara atau Pulau Sepa?
written by , August 22, 2010
Terima kasih sebelumnya untuk informasinya.
Saya sedikit bingung mau pilih pulau sepa atau pulau pantara.
Mohon pendapatnya manakah yang lebih baik pulau sepa atau pulau pantara? Apakah tersedia kamar dan transport untuk tanggal 6-7 september 2010 ke pulau pantara?

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please note that any departure have the minimum passanggers, kindly check to 021-7668477 for boat schedule.




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