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Dec 15th
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Categories Pulau Seribu Pulau Bidadari

Pulau Bidadari  
Hits: 18738
Town:   Pulau Seribu
County:   Indonesia
Region:  Pulau Seribu
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Home pulau seribu Daftar Hotel pulau seribu Pulau Seribu pulau seribu Pulau Bidadari

Pulau Bidadari & Resort or Bidadari island has become one of the marine tourism destinations in Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Island). the Bidadari island as the holiday island location
 Pulau Bidadari Pulau Seribu Resort
not to far from Jakarta and the nature of the Pulau Bidadari island is still kept nature with the lines of the  crystal white sandy , shading with the coconut trees made this  location is suitable for  hangout from far away the busiest of Jakarta.
which the people are very interested to visit it and as a national tourism asset.

Location of Pulau Bidadari island

Pulau Bidadari & Resort is the closest location with Marina Ancol beach with the distance less than 15 km.
it take 20 minutes by speed boat, arriving at safety, silent and lonely place which is ideal for forgetting the crowded of tha capital city Jakarta.
The natural environment which keeps the ecosystem. combination between natural forset and sea, offers a special marine natural atmosphere. Any kind of recreation activities have been provided for a whole day. due to the location is still near from Jakarta the capital city, Pulau Bidadari sea water still polluted by Jakarta, so you unable to Snorkeling or Diving

Pulau Bidadari Island Facilities

Pulau Bidadari benteng martelo castlePulau Bidadari island is supported by accommodation facilities, special building cottage with Menado ethnic, floating cottage with fishing settlement, Meeting room, Restaurant, Bar, Souvenir shop, Cherokee, Discotheque, billiard and exciting sport facilities, volley beach, table tennis and much more which may be conducted during enjoying recreation.

Pulau Bidadari is very steady place for family vacation,
recreation of the company employee and meeting or other activities which can be done in fun relation and one unique facility which is offered as the only one in Indonesia is outbound training or team building chalange matra bahari (sea bases) located in kepulauan Seribu.

 Dermaga Marina Ancol Jakarta


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Home pulau seribu Daftar Hotel pulau seribu Pulau Seribu pulau seribu Pulau Bidadari

Pulau Bidadari Pulau Seribu Resort

Facilities on Pulau Bidadari Island Resort

As the Island Resort in Pulau Seribu Jakarta, Pulau Bidadari provide convenience facilities for holiday, this island located is around 20 minutes from Marina Ancol Jakarta facilitated by

  1. Cottages (Deluxe, Family and Suite)
  2. Dutch Fortrress Martello Castle - check the history of Pulau seribu
  3. Water Sport (additional charge)
  4. Meeting / Function Room
  5. Karaoke Room
  6. Restourant
  7. Souvenir Shop
  8. Table Tennis, Traditional Fun Games Equipment, Volley Beach, Billiard

Type Of Room at Pulau Bidadari

Pulau Bidadari offer the comfortable natural accommodation cottage with the category Deluxe cottage, Family Cottage and VIP cottages, some cottages type Family located on the above seawater. 

1. Pulau Bidadari Cottage Tipe DELUXE 

Deluxe cottage pulau bidadariAll type Deluxe cottage in Pulau Bidadari location on land, type Deluxe

deluxe cottage di pulau bidadari

facilitated and equiped by two Single Bed, Air-conditioned, Television, Bathroom and  maximum able occupied by 6 person.

2. Pulau Bidadari Cottage Tipe FAMILY

Type deluxe cottage di pulau bidadariType Family in Pulau Bidadari some located on floating cottage and some type Family located on land, type Family facilitated and Family Cottage tampak dalam di pulau bidadariequiped with two single bed, Air conditioning, TV, Prvate terrace, maximum able occupied by 6 person

3. Pulau Bidadari Cottage Type SUITE

Type Suite in Pulau Bidadari location on land, type suite facilitated and equiped with one or twin bed, Air conditioning, TV, Private Terrace



Home pulau seribu Daftar Hotel pulau seribu Pulau Seribu pulau seribu Pulau Bidadari


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Bidadari Island, Beach and island of Indonesia, Kepulauan Seribu
written by , December 18, 2010
Being the nearest Island Resort, Pulau Bidadari is reachable in 20 minutes ride on speedboat, ... Pulau Bidadari Resort has become one of the marine tourism
Type Family Pulau Bidadari Fully Booked untuk periode 27-28 Desember 2010
written by , December 18, 2010
Untuk upgrade ke type Family di pulau Bidadari, dapat kami info kan periode 27-28 Desember 2010 type Family sudah fully booked

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