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Sep 22nd
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Surabaya is provincial city of east java and Indonesia's second largest city to Jakarta in size, population and commerce. East Java is known for the most industrialized . East Java is known for the most industrialized province in the nation. Its economy is based on agriculture fishery, oil industries, coffee, mangoes and apples. 

Surabaya and other city in east Java is well conected by good motor roads and train services, there are also air services between Surabaya and other major cities in the country including Bali

which is only half hour flight a way. At the end of World War II many Indonesians believed that independence was imminent. Few realized that it would be another five years of fighting before the country became a fully independence republic. The area around Surabaya became the witness of some of the heaviest fighting, and the Battle of Surabaya in November 10, 1946, which cost the lives of thousands of Indonesians, is became a symbol of resistance of the re-imposition of Dutch colonial rule. Surabaya known as the ' City of Heroes' because of its role in the nation's independence struggle.

Surabaya Custom & Traditions

Culturally, Surabaya is pluralistic city. Population in this city around 4 million people with innumerable ethnic groups live there. The major ones the Javanese and the Madurese. As far as art is concerned, actually there is no traditional arth which originally comes from Surabaya. But because Surabaya is most important city in all aspects of life in Eastern Java and the dynamic trait of the people, various branches of traditional art from other regions have found Surabaya as their new home. Because the people of Surabaya are open, all kind of art whose characteristics are in line with the characteristics of the people are welcome.

Surabaya Music & Dance

Tari Remo or local called Tari Ngeremo is a welcoming dance performed by single dancer or by group of dancer. Because the dancers are either men or women, Remo dance has two styles: masculine and feminine. Very often women dancers perform masculine-style Remo Dance and men dancers perform feminine-style Remo Dance.  Tari Remo was originally danced at the beginning of Ludruk performance, but later it is developed into a dance performed at parties, folk festivals or at the commemorations of national holidays.

Ludruk is popular traditional theatre at east Java, specially in Surabaya. Ludruk has spread fast from Surabaya to its contiguous towns, such as Jombang and Mojokerto. Ludruk performance settings usually are contemporary urban households and the human actors speak the local dialect.

Surabaya Art & Home Industry

Gold and Silver modern industry can be found in Surabaya. The center of industries located at Rungkut area while the show room of original Gold and Silver product spread at many mall and plaza at the down town.

Leather craft can be found at Sidoarjo, Tanggulangin, almost 30 km south from Surabaya. It is the center of leather home industry. You can find bag, shoes, jacket, belt, wallet and leather products.

Around Kenjeran beach you can find shells or mollusc's handy craft made by the local people. In this places you can find traditional crafts made of cowries, shark tooth and variety shells.

Surabaya Landmark and Museum

  • Surabaya Monument  is symbol of the city officially found in 1293. The monument describes legendary battle between a shark (Sura) and a Crocodile (Baya).
  • Mpu Tantular Museum is keeping the cultural treasures of Indonesia during the course of its history for centuries. The collection of the ancient Indonesian artifacts in the museum are classified in eleven separate rooms
  • Bambu Runcing Monument located at Jl Sudirman. This is one of monument that describe traditional weapons used to fight Dutch army in 1945. At saturday night, many member of motor or car club meet in around here.
  • submarine monument surabayaMonkasel  (Monumen Kapal Selam) Is submarine monument. The submarine monument is located in the bank of Kalimas river, on the east corner of Surabaya Plaza. The brief history of this submarine started a long time ago, this ship was called KRI Pasopati with the body number of 410 lt was one of the element of Indonesian submarine Army Unit on the east region. This submarine had done many operations to defend the Indonesian independence and even in the "Trikora" operation to gain Irian Jaya (Papua) back to its mother land. At this time this submarine was in the front line.
  • Majapahit Mandarin Oriental Hotel  , Opened in 1910 as Oranye Hotel and was Surabaya's finest. In 1942 the Japanese renamed the hotel into Yamato Hotel and after their defeat an attempt to make it Orange again precipitated an incident in 1945, Indonesian youth scaling the building's squat tower to tear off the blue strip from the Dutch tricolor on the flagpole, leaving the red and white flag of Indonesia.
  • Jembatan Merah SurabayaJembatan Merah (red bridge) Is one of the most savage fighting ever in Surabaya after Indonesia Independence. Further down the Red Bridge is the China town, surrounding the are with of typical Chinese building. It is still the most crowded business and trade center. " Jembatan Merah merupakan salah satu monumen sejarah di Surabaya, Jawa Timur yang dibiarkan seperti adanya: sebagai jembatan. Jembatan yang menjadi salah satu judul lagu ciptaan Gesang ini, semasa zaman VOC dahulu dinilai penting karena menjadi sarana perhubungan paling vital melewati Kalimas menuju Gedung Keresidenan Surabaya, yang sudah tidak berbekas lagi. Kawasan Jembatan Merah merupakan daerah perniagaan yang mulai berkembang sebagai akibat dari Perjanjian Paku Buwono II dari Mataram dengan VOC pada 11 November 1743. Dalam perjanjian itu sebagian daerah pantai utara, termasuk Surabaya, diserahkan penguasaannya kepada VOC. Sejak saat itulah Surabaya berada sepenuhnya dalam kekuasaan Belanda. Kini, posisinya sebagai pusat perniagaan terus berlangsung. Di sekitar jembatan terdapat indikator-indikator ekonomi, termasuk salah satunya Plaza Jembatan Merah. Perubahan fisiknya terjadi sekitar tahun 1890-an, ketika pagar pembatasnya dengan sungai diubah dari kayu menjadi besi. Kini kondisi jembatan yang menghubungkan Jalan Rajawali dan Jalan Kembang Jepun di sisi utara Surabaya itu, hampir sama persis dengan jembatan lainnya. Pembedanya hanyalah warna merah".
  • Masjid Ampel (Ampel Mosque) Masjid Ampel and Ampel Market is one of interest places in Surabaya, behind the mosque is Sunan Ampel tomb, one of the nine saints (Wali Songo) who built the mosque. On the left and right way to the mosque, there are market where typical Arabian souvenirs are sold complete with Madinah market atmosphere.
  • Tugu Pahlawan Monument Is a hero monument. This monument stands, like za rocket pointed towards the moon, in Taman Kebunrojo opposite the East Java Governor's office in jl Pahlawan. The statue is 45 yards high stands on Pahlawan street is not ornate or even decorative, not particularly large, but its simplicity may have been the deliberate plan of its architect to convey humble, rather than bellicose, pride.
  • Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument. Describes a figure of a middle rank TNI AL (Indonesia National Navy) officer wearing a complete uniform, looking to the direction of the sea. The 30.8 meters high statue is standing on top of the 26,1 meters high building. On some part of the building, there are diorama of heroic history of the navy since the era of physical pre-revolution up until the 90's. This building is also function as an Executive Meeting Room.

Surabaya Surrounding Areas

  • Trowulan Village ; 20 Km south east Surabaya at Mojokerto city, tourist can find Trowulan village is a believed to be the site of the ancient capital of Majapahit. Archeological excavations in the area have recovered many terra-cotta ornaments, statues, pottery and stone carvings which are displayed at the Trowulan Museum. The map in the museum is guide to nearby sites of historical interest.
  • Mount Bromo ; 5 hours from Surabaya. One of the most exciting experience is watching the sunrise from the crest of the Bromo volcano. followed by a pony ride from the village of Ngadisari over a sea of sand to the foot of the volcano. Ascend the 50 steps to reach the rim. Volcanic sulfur fumes and smokes still emanate from its depth, while during intense rumbling sounds the surrounding population who believes in God of Bromo quickly bring offerings. The annual offering ceremony of Kasada is a colorful event where villagers from the surrounding areas bring their produce of sacrifice to the holy volcano.
  • Pandaan and Malang


Are cool places near Surabaya. At Pandaan, 45 km south of Surabaya, you can find the Candra Wilwatika open air theatre presenting classical East Javanese ballet performances on each full moon night from June to November. The performance are based either on the Ramayana stories or East java's legend and folklore. The backdrop of Mount Pananggungan gives the performance and enchating experience. Up to 10 km from Candra Wilwatika is Tretes, one of the most beautiful mountain resorts in East Java. Hotel and roads cling to the hillside with swimming pools for a dip in the cool climate. Horses are also available for hire. Camping ground is available near the Kakek Bodo Waterfall.


Malang is 90 km south of Surabaya is nice colonial city type (2 hours drive south of Surabaya) The cool climate is one reason why it is highly desirable among the East Javanese as a place to retire. Twenty km from Malang on the southern flank of Mount Arjuna. are Selecta and Songgoriti, popular hill resorts with hot springs, five km nearby lies Batu, Famous for its apples and flowers, sports facilities at Selecta include horse ridding, swimming pool and tennis.

Hotels in Malang :

  1. Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Tower
  2. Tugu Hotel Malang
  3. Santika Malang
  4. Kartika Graha Malang
  5. Trio Indah Hotel
  6. Regent Park Malang
  7. The Grand Palace Malang
  8. Wisata Tidar Hotel
  9. Kusuma Agrowisata

Between Surabaya and Malang lies the town of Singosari Temple and Two gigantic statues of guardians to what many believed to be main gateway to the capital of the Singosari Kingdom from early 13th century can be found here. Jago Temple dates back to 1268 and is one of the most attractive temples in East java. Scene from folk tales as well as from the Mahabrata epic decorate the side panels. Kidal Temple not far from Jago temple, was completed in 1260 to honor one fo the kings and is a gem of Singosari temple art.

Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater) may become of great interest to the adventourous tourist. It is located far enough from Bali as well as from Surabaya, whereas an overnight stay is recommended either at Banyuwangi if you coming from Bali or at Bondowoso if you coming from Surabaya. The trip to the crater should start early in the morning the next day because road accessibility only gets you up to 14km from crater which you have to do on foot, and up-hill for that matter. What is mouth having diameter of 1 km, whereas its depth all the way to the bottom is 175 meters, where turquoise lake is found with its impressive surroundings.

Across the Madura Strait half and hour by ferry from Surabaya is the island of Madura, famous for its unique bull race (Karapan Sapi) held each year after the harvest season. For groups, the races can be arranged on request. The regional tourism offices of East Java provides a regular calendar of the races.

Surabaya Savoring Appetite

Surabaya traditional food; Rujak Cingur, Lontong Balap, Kikil, Tahu Campur, etc. There are many places to found traditional food stalls in this city, includes at Jalan Kayun, Jalan Sudirman (near Bambu Runcing Monument) or at Jl Kombes Duryat. Beside local food, in this city many chinese, western and specialty restorant. European cuisine are available in all hotel and tourist destination areas

Pasar Blauran
Is the traditional appetizer center called Jajanan Pasar (like Klenting, Lopis, Klepon, Gethuk Pisang, etc) If you like to try dine on the street you must go to Jl Kembang Jepun at night (food court at Chinatown). All the red laterns were out and the streets closed for traffic. There must be 200 food court there selling chinese food and drink.


Surabaya Places of Attractions

  • Taman Hiburan Rakyat (THR) Is recreation park. They have stage that usually performed traditional theatre such as Ketophrak and Ludruk
  • Surabaya Zoo Is not only the biggest in Indonesia but also the biggest in Asia, no less than 3.500 of animals from 400 species of mammals, birds and reptiles are being kept there. The Surabaya Zoo's collection includes animals from Indonesia as well as from many parts of the world. includes Komodo, the only one in the world a giant lizard from the island of Komodo in Eastern Indonesia.

Night life at Surabaya could be very enjoyable. There are several discotheque, pubs and bars in Surabaya. 

Surabaya Hotel


V3 Hotel Surabaya V3 Hotel Surabaya Java Paragon Hotel & Residences Java Paragon Hotel & Residences Shangrila Surabaya Shangrila Surabaya
Twin Hotel Surabaya   Twin Hotel Surabaya Graha Residence Service Apartments   Graha Residence Service Apartments Ibis Rajawali Surabaya Ibis Rajawali Surabaya
Weta International Hotel   Weta International Hotel Cendana Hotel Surabaya Cendana Hotel Surabaya Somerset Surabaya Hotel   Somerset Surabaya Hotel
The Fave Hotel Surabaya The Fave Hotel Surabaya Bumi Hotel Surabaya   Bumi Hotel Surabaya Majapahit Hotel Surabaya   Majapahit Hotel Surabaya
Oval Hotel Surabaya   Oval Hotel Surabaya Surabaya Plaza Hotel   Surabaya Plaza Hotel Novotel Surabaya   Novotel Surabaya
Town Square Suite   Town Square Suite Bandara Surabaya Hotel   Bandara Surabaya Hotel Sahid Hotel Surabaya   Sahid Hotel Surabaya
Equator Hotel Surabaya   Equator Hotel Surabaya Tunjungan Hotel Surabaya   Tunjungan Hotel Surabaya Santika Surabaya   Santika Surabaya
Satelit Hotel   Satelit Hotel Elmi Hotel Surabaya   Elmi Hotel Surabaya JW Marriott Surabaya   JW Marriott Surabaya
Puri Darmo Service Residence   Puri Darmo Service Residence Mercure Grand Mirama Surabaya   Mercure Grand Mirama Surabaya Inna Simpang   Inna Simpang
D' Season Hotel Surabaya   D'Season Hotel Surabaya Hyatt Regency Surabaya   Hyatt Regency Surabaya Widodaren Hotel   Widodaren Hotel
Bisanta Bidakara   Bisanta Bidakara Singgasana Hotel   Singgasana Hotel Ciputra Golf, Club & Hotel   Ciputra Golf, Club & Hotel
New Grand Park   New Grand Park Garden Palace   Garden Palace  
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