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Sep 22nd
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Padang The Gate Of Minangkabau

jam_gadang.jpgPadang on Sumatra's west coast is the island's third largest city with population of 800.000. It is the provincial capital of west sumatra and most of the product from this region is exported through Padang. The major export articles are coal, rubber, coffee, spice, tobacco, rattan and tea. Padang situated at the foot of Minangkabau highland, which is named after the original inhabitant of west sumatra, one of the two main ethnic groups on Sumatra.

The Minang people converted to Islam many centuries ago, and majority of the population today are Muslim. The name Padang means field and the city is located on the coastal plane between the Indian ocean and the Bukit Barisan Mountains.

According to the history, Dutch traders established a trading post at Padang about 1680. It was remain the same until the 19th century when to war against the traditional Adat Minangkabau (law) followers.

The Dutch entered the war and joined the traditional leader in 1821 when the Padri's controlled much of the highlands. The Benteng de Kock fort in Bukit Tinggi became the new main base for the Dutch and in 1837 they finally conquered Bonjol, the headquater of the Padri leader Imam Bonjol. 

Padang was under British control during the Napoleon war from 1781 to 1819 when the Dutch again seized control. During world war II it was occupied by the Japanese before Sumatra became a part of the new Indonesian Republic.
Like other tropical location, Padang presents certain health risk to travellers from high temperature climate, but with minimal precautions is as safe and no threatening destination as any.One common risk is heatstroke and dehydration: people should not exert themselves during the heat of midday. 

Padang Music and Dance

taripiringkaca.jpg The famous performance in Padang is the tari piring or plate dance, in which dancers skillfully dance on pottery without hurting themselves. Another dance is tari payung (umbrella dance) portray a young mans loving protection for his girlfriend.

The graceful Tari lilin (candle dance) is performed by girls who rhythmically juggle and ballance china saucers on which lighted candles are stuck and clicking ring castanets at the same time. Another famous performance is Pencak silat (The minan form of martial art) that feared and admired all over Indonesia, Beside dance, Minangkabau culture is rich with traditional music performance, from intimate flute and vocal music through to large-scale drum ensembles. Music of Minangkabau feature gong chime ensembles are known locally as Talempang 

Padang Custom & Traditions

rumahgadang.jpg Antropologist however suggest the the Minang people probably arrived in west sumatra from the Malaysian peninsula some time between year 1000 and 2000 BC, but not much is known about the history of the region before the arrival of Islam in the 14th century AD.
West sumatra was probably under control of the Melayu Kingdom from Jambi on Sumatra's east coast between the 11th and 14th century. So many custom and traditio in Padang similiar to Malaysian. Today Padang is growing city with its own airport and univercity but they still take Adat Minang with ancient matriarchal customs. The women own prosperty and the men leave home to seek their fame and fortune.

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