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Sep 19th
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Competing Exploiting Mount Krakatoa Enchantment PDF Print E-mail
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Mount KrakatauAlthough not too crowded, natural attractions in the surrounding Mount Krakatoa began well known. No doubt, business resorts in the region were slowly beginning to live. In fact, competition antarpengembang increasingly resort to lure visitors in the vicinity of natural seru.Wisata Sunda Strait is not as famous as Bali. In fact, this region also have a tourist attraction that is not less charming, the Mount Anak Krakatau.

In the surrounding mountains that are in Lampung province, the spread of coastal tourism and natural objects under the sea with no less captivating than a similar tourist attraction on the island.

Although not as bright as prestige Anak Krakatau Bali, after all, the property entrepreneur already smell a business opportunity here. On the coast of South Lampung directly overlooking the Krakatau Islands, for example, resorts have sprung up. They offer a variety of shore tours, such as banana boating, diving, snorkeling, until the outbound. Some are also equipped with business facilities and meeting rooms.

This area is frequently used as the location choice of firms that want to conduct outbound, especially on weekends. Banking companies, insurance, and other areas of Jakarta are regular visitors. "Is it hard when individuals rely on visitors," said Anton R. Santoso, CEO of Citra Buana Diamonds, owner of Casa Resort is a new Krakatoa stood about a year ago.

Anton said, Lampung, Bali is not like that already famous as a vacation spot. Consequently, if the kitchen would continue rising, developers have to pick up the ball. For example by developing properties in a place that can provide maximum scenery.

The choice is facing directly into the land of Mount Anak Krakatau. The location begin to Carita beach in Tanjung coastal Lesung Serang, Banten, and in coastal Kalianda, South Lampung. After that, the developers also must be diligent and active to enliven the area, with a variety of tourist activities.

Levels of tourist visits to the resort in the area, in the last two years to reach 200,000 people per year, up from only 100 000 of people. "The level of requests has improved after many resorts make improvements, such as the complete resort with a vehicle to play," Setiawan said Marzuki, Director of Banten, West Java, manager of Tanjung Lesung Beach Resort.

Transportation constraints

On normal days, the manager of the resort are usually trying to catch up the level of occupancy or occupancy of at least 50% of total rooms. The trick to diligently promote local officials including the Serang and surrounding agencies.

Meet the target of 50% was sometimes not so easy. Therefore, players around the area of the resort is already quite a lot. Some great players just call it with the Lippo Group's Lippo Carita Resort or Pudjoadji Group, which owns Marbela Resort.

Both are targeting the upper and middle segments with rental prices between Rp 300,000 to Rp 2.5 million per night. Then, there are also several resorts owned by individuals like Crowned Pigeon Resort is owned by a former fashion model known Enny Sukamto and several classmates inn lodging.

Handa Sulaiman observers assess the resort property along the north coast of Lampung, Banten, to actually still have many obstacles. Like, the lack of transportation. "There is no air transport there," he said.

Though, to travel through land routes take up to four hours. "People are lazy to be on there," Handa added. He also assesses the entertainment facilities offered by resorts that are still less attractive. Plus, not all resorts providing the facilities.

Regardless of the opinions Handa, yet the owners of resorts in the region remain optimistic. In fact, they plan to develop its properties. Like Banten West Java who manages the Tanjung Lesung Beach Resort. Today, of 1500 hectares (ha) of land there, they've developed about 100 ha.

Land has been in operation since 1998. Well, this semester, they intend to develop 400 ha again. "We will build several hotels and a golf course facility," Setiawan said some time ago.

Apart from Banten West Java, there is also the Bakrie Group which manages Krakatoa Nirwana Resort Travelers. Currently, 350 ha of land that they conquered, only about 30 ha will be developed with various facilities of the villa. "The rest will be another five years we have developed," explained Nugroho Santosa, project director Krakatoa Nirwana Resort Traveler.

Citra Buana Diamond Group to build a new resort in the region since last year also intend to continue to develop his own resort. The land that they currently have approximately 20 ha. They are very confident with the prospects of the resort business. "We had a nice view overlooking the Sunda Strait coast and Mount Krakatoa," the story of Anton.

Tanjung Lesung Beach Resort

Tanjung Lesung Beach Resort is located right in the tip region, after passing the City and Town Pandeglang Labuan. When wearing the journey overland via Jakarta, approximately took about four hours.

Resort developers, namely Banten West Java, is now preparing the second phase of resort development. They will start construction in November. "Construction will be completed around the year 2011," said Setiawan.  According to the plan, the resort will be built on 400 hectares of land. Developer intends to build two hotel towers as tall as three floors with the number of rooms to reach 200 units. Land for this hotel about 50 ha. "This is a four-star hotel with rental price of about Rp 800,000 to Rp 1 million per night," said Setiawan.

Besides hotels, Banten West Java is also planning to build 50 villas. Each villa will have only a one-room facility. The goal to make it more exclusive. Land for construction of the villa is reached around 50 ha.

Later, the villas will be sold to the public. The price offered starting from Rp 500 million to Rp  700 million. Spacious villa of 200 square meters (m²) up to 400 m². After the villas were sold, the developer will rent it.

Contra villa owners will get 25% of the villa manager. Rental prices per villa was estimated at between Rp 600 000 up to Rp. 2 million per night. Looking ahead, the developer also intends to build a golf course covering 300 ha in area. They also intend to buy 300 boats to complete the shore facilities. It is estimated, the value of investments will reach Rp. 1 trillion.

According to Setiawan, approximately 50 percent of investment costs from internally generated cash. The rest came from a number of investors. For the development of this new area, they're exploring investors from Australia and Dubai, the Middle East. "We're negotiating with two investors, enter the price negotiation stage," said Setiawan.

Setiawan reluctant to mention the identity of the prospective investors. they've experienced and have an international network. So far, Tanjung Lesung occupancy rate is high enough. Number reached 60% in ordinary days and 100% on weekends. "Currently we have 40 villas with a number of rooms to reach 200 units," he said.

Casa Krakatoa Resort

Although spelled out new players, Casa Resort should not be underestimated Krakatoa. The resort recently founded years ago it has the advantage of strategic location, exactly in Pantai Karang Bolong, Anyer, Jakarta. "The resort we were a bit up the hill, so a distance of approximately 100 meters from the lip of Karang Bolong Beach," said Anton.

From Jakarta, the resort stands on a land area of 20 ha can be achieved with a trip inland for about three hours. So far, the developer of the resort, namely Citra Buana Intan Resort, newly developed area of 10 ha. Its contents are 20 villas containing 40 rooms.

Meaning, each containing two-bedroom villa. According to Anton, the price of room rent is between Rp 300,000 to Rp 600,000 per night. "All of our villas are for rent," he explained.

Since its establishment, the resort's occupancy rate is still about 20% on normal days. However, on weekends can membeludak occupancy rate, up to 100%. Because, there are many requests from companies or from the Jakarta embassy. "On normal days, the local government (local government) and local authorities often meeting here," said Anton.

According to him, the visitors like best to use the facilities provided by the resort such as banana boat, outbound, and diving. "Visitors can also enjoy the scenery perforated rock on the beach," he added.

In this second half, Citra Buana Intan intends to build 10 new villa with two rooms in each villa above five hectares of land. In addition they are also planning to build one as tall as five-star hotels three floors, with the number of rooms to reach 70 units.

Funds needed for construction is at least going to reach USD 100 billion. Funding mix, 40% from internally generated cash and the balance of bank loans.

Krakatoa Nirwana Resort

Krakatoa Nirwana Resort is located at 14 km Trans Sumatra. Its location was in Merak Beach Belantung lips, Kalianda, South Lampung. So, the resort directly overlooking Mount Anak Krakatau. Around the resort are also many beaches, such as Good and Beach Parrots of Tanjung Coast.

The resort is owned by PT Bakrie Development Plc is standing on a land area of 350 ha. Today
they have completed the first phase of development, an area of 30 ha. This resort facility
includes 40 hotel rooms and 42 villa-shaped room.

Bakrie installed rentals this three star hotel start from Rp 450 000 to Rp. 800 000
per night. The villa rental prices start from Rp. 1.2 million to Rp. 2.5 million. Price difference
depending on the scene. The choice between the beach and swimming pool.

In this second semester, Bakrie intends to increase the number of residential, ie 40 rooms
hotels and six unit equipped two-bedroom villa. Then they also will build 24 contains a two-bedroom villas will be sold to the public.

The price offered starting from Rp.600 million to Rp. 900 million. The extent of between 150 m2 up to 240 m2. As in Tanjung Lesung Beach Resort, Bakrie is also planning offers buyers lease the bedroom villa. "They'll get around 50 percent of the room rental rate per month, "explained Nugroho.

In the development of the region, Bakrie intends to build a golf course measuring 60
ha plus sea pools on the beach along the three kilometers. Nugroho estimating construction
the project will cost approximately Rp. 50 billion. Approximately 30% of funding will be
derived from the sale of pre-sale. The rest comes from internal cash. Today, occupancy rates
resort reaches 30% every month. Visitors are employees of a company originated in Jakarta and surrounding areas


Last Updated ( Monday, 14 November 2011 )
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